Wednesday, December 3, 2008

possible depakote problem???

Jailynn takes depakote sprinkles 125mg capsules
she was taking 3 a day 1 in am and 2 at pm... well dr K increase to4 a day, 2 am 2 pm a week ago maybe...

well jailynn has been super cranky at times when she normally isnt and more often, also for the past several days she has been vomiting once a day between breakfast and lunch time...

Im not sure if this could be fromt he depakote increase,maybe the extra 125 mg is too much for her lil tummy? anyone have any similar experience??
I have a call into her dr. event hough we see him dec 23rd. depakote can have some nasty side effects so i want to be sure

any input is helpful

right hemispherectomy scheduled for 2-5-09

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Anonymous said...

She is beautiful :)!! You are lucky to have the choice of surgery. Praying that this stops her seizures and she can be off medication. I was scared to death but I knew I had to do it and I'm so thankful we did.My daughter's surgery was very sucessful. It has been 9 months since her surgery been off all meds for 6 months and doing great.If you have any questions I may help you with let me know. God Bless , my sweet blessing blog