Tuesday, December 30, 2008

surgeon appt

We finally met the surgeon Dr. Jallo yesterday at John Hopkins. We had to wait forever! we had a 2 pm appt and were not finsished til maybe 4 pm. We only spent 5mins maybe 10 with the Dr. He seemed nice and I actually didnt have many questions. I feel like I know almost everything from researching and getting info from this group. He said I can call with any questions and he would be happy to see us the day before surgery if we wanted. I did ask him if we cannot manage to get jailynns hair buzzed before surery if he would shave her whole head, we want te hair to grow back even we dont want her to have a head full on one side and bald on another. I am just trying to think if I can come up with any additional questions but I'm drawing a blank.

I have an email with another memebers child's photos from after surgery, I was going to show them to my MIL, Gloria, I know she is scared and she was asking about the incision and scar, I told her I could show her. I know it will frighten her and maybe make her cry, but I think it willhelp a little to prepare her for what she's going to see. I thought I would be more prepared too. I have looked at these pics several months ago, but I looked at them alone last night and I cried just a little because now we are so close to jailynns surgery and its starting to seem so real. It is nice to see in the pics over several days her little girls smile showing through. Its hard to looka t the staples. My mother in law didnt get to see them last night but I will show her today. I wish I had a really current pic to show Gloria that the scar fades and looks much better later.


Anonymous said...

I remember feeling the same way as you 5-6 months ago. When we had Chance's date and I saw the pictures of Jessie, I broke down and had a major bawl over it. I showed him all the pictures of Jessie so that he would know what to expect and I believe it helped tremendously. Just remember, you have many people out there that you don't know, praying and thinking about you and your family every day. We are all behind you, 100%.

Jessie said...

We will be with you guys in prayer as Jailynn's surgery approaches. May 2009 bring Hope and Recovery to your life. Cris and Kristi Hall