Sunday, October 19, 2008

better after a few weeks of being sick

Jailynn has been sick most of october. Started out with a cold type thing going through our house, then she had green mucus from her eyes turned out that she had an ear infection. Then her dad and I had a stomach bug or something and she got it. We ended up in the ER with her because of dehydration. She couldn't keep even a sip of liquid down.
After a few rough days things are finally looking up.
Jailynn seems much much better now. No more vomitting. She has been drinking less for several weeks, she's getting a little better now. I think its a control thing. She wants to assert her independence and drink when SHE wants to. She is gettimg stronger walking on her own and takinglonger steps more (vs duck waddling steps).
She has an evaluation for OT at kennedy kreiger tuesday. So she will get it once a week there and once a week at home.
We received our. First EOB from insurance and it looks like each therapy @ kennedy krieger will cost us $50!until we meet our max out of pocket of $3,000.

Still no news about set dates for surgery appts.

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