Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Jailynn has been up to

Jailynn is still loving school. Everyday she is so happy when I get her off the bus. Whenever we go outside she will look towards the end of the street and say "bus, bus". Her bus driver and aide are always telling how she was singing or talking or counting for them and the other bus riders. Jailynn has now starting looking out the window when the bus stops at our street and smiling or waving at me before she is taken out of the car seat. Once i get her we walk home together and she will normally sing or dance while we walk.

She still does not like coloring too much only for 1 minute or less. She actually get a page of homework which is mostly coloring. I just let her scribble her best which sometimes is only a line or two.

I saw today that she has become quite good at pulling out her two wooden chairs from her little table at home. She will pull them out and back up to one and now she will actually try looking behind her before she sits. She is pretty successful at it now!

She has also gotten very good at roll and throwing a small ball. This is all credited to her Nanny (grandma). She spends 15mins to an hour everyday next door having "nanny time". One of Jailynn's big kicks is telling or asking people to "sit down" so nanny and her sit down a lot and often get one of the dogs tennis ball and toss and roll them back and forth. She has learned from watching Nanny do it to hide the ball behind her back and say " One, two, three!" then release the ball.

She likes to find things to put on her head or others heads and tell you hat for example the dogs sweater little bowls ect...

Jailynn also loves to tell people "see ya and bye and I gotta go" then she makes you walk away so you can come back and make her laugh.

I love this little girl so much. I love seeing and hearing when she starts doing new things.

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Jessie said...

I can't wait to see Jailynn again and all the new things that she is doing. Hopefully we will be able to get up to Baltimore again soon.