Friday, September 11, 2009

more bus issues

Yesterday I interned in my kindergarten class all day then had college at in the evening. I look at my cell i have a text call home its an emergency I immediately think seizure. I was wrong. Jailynn was supposed to get home on the bus at 4:30 and her bus didn't get her home til 6 pm! I was livid. Her grandma was home from work early and was waiting for her with my neighbor. they were so worried. The bus driver wouldn't tell them anything when she came, she said call the school or bus company. Come to find out before she got to Jailynn's school to get them she had hit a cars mirror and had to wait for a police report. ugh! i have talked to the school about it. They are frustrated too. The transport company did not even notify the school. the school had to keep calling and calling until they could get through to the company.

I was so mad we didn't even get a call to say the bus is late your daughter is safe don't worry.

Jailynn also vomited once at school today. she did at home on saturday too. both times around the same time of day.

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Jessie said...

Sometimes you wonder how they keep from losing a kid, or a WHOLE bus. I'm glad everything is OK. Jessie is also haveing some tummy issues. Let us know if you figure anything out. Our best to you and Jason, and Jailynn.