Tuesday, May 5, 2009

we checked it out

We went to the school, it took almost a half hour to get there. The school was built in 1933. The building is obviously old. Inside you can still tell its old but you can see they are trying hard to make it look nice. The lockers are all painted bright colors and they have bulletin boards with childrens art and projects everywhere. The school is kinda small. The 3 year old room is small but big enough. The teacher said right now she has 11 students in her room to 2 adults. School goes from 9-3. Jailynn will probably spend a long time on a bus considering how far we live. We livwe right near the county line and the school is past downtown Baltimore. THere is no parking. I did get lucky and got the 1 spot open when we got there. The teacher was very nice. Most of her students were napping when we got there,. SHE is very open and flexible with nap time. The teacher does everything with the children. She eats with them and diapers them. Jailynn would be pulled out for therapies but not during instruction. They go to "specials" like art, gym, pool and i think music too. The school is 88% african american and only 8% white. Jailynns would be the only white girl in her class i think, at least til the next school year starts, then I dont know. I feel bad she has to be a minority but she does not know any better and this will help us teach her to be accepting of others and non-prejudice. I think that is a big problem in our world today. So please dont misunderstand me. I starting filling out the registration paper work I am almost done. I have this form that needs to be filled out by a doctor but I am calling them becasue Jailynn's doctor just filled out a whole darn packet! Its the same kind of thing.

I was really mad when we first got to the school. I called Friday to tell them I wanted to visit and asked them if Tuesday at 2 pm was good and I was told yes that is fine. When I got there today the 2 ladies in the front office were like" oh no today is a very busy and very bad day to visit, our principles are not here". I was ready to throw a fit. Finally they had 2 people from another office help us. They gave me and Jason and Jailynn a little tour and took us to meet the teacher. She was very willing to talk to me and help me.

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