Sunday, May 17, 2009

only one week away!

We received our letter from the school board Frdiay evening. They want Jailynn to start school Monday May 26th! That is 1 week away now! Mommy is panicking. I am excited and nervous. I worry about the tiniest things. What if she wont eat for them, what if she is scared. What if they dont understand many of her words when she is trying to tell them something. I knwo she will be okay but she is my baby.

On the other hand she has been doing so well. She is becoming better at telling us when she wants things and reat at telling us when she doesnt wan things. Her favorite words right now are outside and NO oh and EIEIO alot!

I am sad to see our therapists go. They have made such a difference in our lives over the past three years.

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