Saturday, July 26, 2008

Milestone reached!!!


Jailynn is now 27 months old. She just started this wednesday walking independantly! Before we would have to hold her left hand for her to walk. Now she can do it on her own! We are so excited and proud. Jailynn is proud of herself as well. you can see it in her face. Now she just needs to learn how to pull up to stand/ stand up on her own. She is still pretty wobbly so we have to stay close to her when she is walking. She is getting better at turning around too. I was at school when she started at night and work during the day so I got to see it myslef on friday. I had to go sow her off to the neighbors.
Here is a video of her walking, copy and pste this address to see it:¤t=P7250164.flv

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Anonymous said...

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