Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hippotherapy session 3

Friday Jailynn had hippotherapy again. She had a good time. Whenever they stopped the horse he would try to take a nap though! We were able to get Jailynn to reach up and touch the horses mane to tell him to go. Her Minnie Mouse got to ride Snickers too. The therapist used Minnie to get Jailynn to do some reaching and such. I have a few more pis and a video but I havent installed my new camera software yet. Jailynn actually helod onto the food bucket the whole time the horse ate. she says "mmmm" the whole time he is chewing, so cute!

She is havinga good time going to ESY in school too. So she is getting PT, Ot and speech at school, OT and Pt at home and hippotherapy. The dance teacher hasnt called me back. I left a message about the heat and asking if there would be AC or fans used in the future.

Jailynn will be getting a hinged AFO as soon as it is ready. THe orthotist said he I am making a brace just for you. Now Jailynn always says "just for you".