Sunday, March 28, 2010

warming up just a bit

Jailynn is still not sure what to make of this baby in her house. She calls him baby. We have gotten her to say "Tamden" (Camden)or "budder" (brother) a few times.

The other day when he cried out she grabbed Jason's hand and said get up daddy. She wanted Jason to go get the baby cause he was crying. Then Jailynn started crying because he was crying. Today I got her to hug him. Yesterday I did get her to kiss his forehead.

He is congested and Jailynn has yellow snot. It really sucks having 2 sick kiddos. I cant do anything to make it better. I am going to see if I can get the pediatrician to let me bring Jailynn with me to Camden's appointment to check her out.

This week is Jailynn's spring break. So lots of time with mom and dad and of course new baby brother.

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Kelly said...

When Mackenzie was about 4 months old she somehow got pneumonia, Abby was sneezing endless with allergies, Alex had a fever for 5 straight days, and Tarin was throwing up? That was my initiation to being the mom to 4 - how do you split them up when they all need you, but you don't want them to catch what the other ones have. You'll get the hang of it.