Thursday, December 10, 2009

A few Pictures of Jailynn

Jailynn's her is growing nicely. We left some of her bangs long her last hair cut so they can be pulled back to cover her one bald spot were her incision lines met from the T shaped cuts from surgery. I can finally get most of her long bangs pulled back now.

She has been doing great wearing her glasses all day.

She is giving us a bit of trouble taking her depakote sprinkles. I keep having to hide it in different things like cheesecake and chocolate pudding.

She sees her neurologist Dec 21st, it is possible we can start a med wean. Not sure if he will want to wean tegratol tablets or depakote.

She has begun to notice outside christmas lights in the neighborhood and really likes them now. She says "lights, lights!"

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Jessie said...

Look how grown-up she is getting. What a beautiful girl!