Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so angry with the bus

Do you know the Juvenile song Back that ass up?... It is a rap song....

... well that is what was playing on the school bus yesterday when I stepped on it to get Jailynn off the bus when she came home from school. It took me a minute to realize it. I was so shocked I could not even say anything to the bus driver. I did not listen to see if it was the version that said "ass" or "thing" instead of ass. Either way that it inappropriate to be playing on a school bus! I called the bus company and complained to a supervisor. He said they will take care of it. I swear every week there is at least 1 problem with the bus or driver.

It made me even more mad because yesterday Jailynn showed us another example of how fast she is picking up words. Jason was listening to 98 Rock on the radio and one of the guys was saying "POWER, POWER" over and over in a strange growling type voice and Jailynn looks up and starts saying it the same way. It was funny but it shows you how quick she can pick it up and repeat it. That evening Jailynn was playing with a cheap munchkin cheerleader baby doll and kept pushing her belly and the same cheer song would play. after a few times i hear Jailynn in the living room saying" muchins say how-e-do" kinda of garbled but she was trying to sing the cheer. What if she had came of the bus saying "you look good back that ass up"? or something similar I would have died and tried to hurt the driver.

ugh i am so fed up.

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Araceli Sandoval (Brianna and Hailey's mommy) said...

hi, I just read Jailyns story well the first 3 and the last maybe 8. Jailynn is precious... I will continue to follow her story. God bless you and your precious baby girl. I am mommy to a 2 year old with complete agenesis of the corpus callosum and a ton of more health issues shes had 3 surgeries and we are in the process of scheduling 2 more soon.
araceli aka briesmommy