Monday, July 19, 2010


We picked up Jailynns new AFO today. This one is a hinged one. I ordered a Pattibob premade orthotic for her right foot today. It was like $30 cheaper to order it online from cascade than to purchase through the orthotist. He gave me all the info. He says he will shave it down if need be. He is ordering Jailynn shoes. He was suppossed to have them already but for some reason they were not ordered. So she cannot wear her new brace yet. Once the insert comes which teh site said up to 6 days, then we will make an appointment and get the shoes fitted and insert checked. I was afraid hinged woul be huge and metal but it looks alot like a "regular" AFO. Hers has green and purple foam and straps and purple with green polka dots on the middle strap.

She also has her glasses that we picked up today. Her smile is nice and healthy. She did well with the dentist this morning. Wednesday is her 4 year old check up andd sadly shots. I feel bad but it needs to be done.


Kelly said...

Hinged are good - Abby did those for awhile, and then switched to the kiddie gait to pull her toes up. She is looking good!

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